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I present to you…a skirt!

September 12, 2009

School has officially started – hallelujah! The beginning of the end (of the beginning) is here. So I don’t know what my collection is going to be about or even who my market is, but one thing I’ve already decided is that I want to design my own prints. I’m working on brushing up my skills in this area first before getting into the more advanced stuff. So today, as a 21-year-old fashion student, I am, on a Saturday night, getting well acquainted with Photoshop. Exhibit A: skirt with my own print design, just to get the ball rolling. P.S. I added in a clashing background just for fun.

skirt ocean ripple


The Showcase: Vector fashion illustration

June 2, 2009

#2, originally uploaded by annchingwang.

I’m not an illustrator, but I find that my fashion design portfolio is lacking the energy and pizazz that fashion illustrations could bring to my work. I spent half of today working on my very first vector fashion illustration, and here it is! I will work some more on developing my skill in this area, so stay tuned for more.

My process: Drew a quick hand drawn croquis, scanned it in, did the body, then the clothes, then added detailing. This is a very basic drawing, as I am just getting used to this. I want to somehow make my drawings more fluid and whimsical, as that more accurately represents who I am as a designer.

More to come!