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Clean-up and talk of TED in Vancouver

August 29, 2009

Hi all! Thanks for visiting my blog! Did’ya notice? I did a bit of cleaning up, re-naming the mess known as my categories. About time. I’m starting to take this thing known as blogging a little more seriously. I had lofty goals when I started. I wanted to change the fashion world with my blog, one post at a time. No, really, haha. That’s everyone’s dream when they start blogging, eh?

I wanted a way to take everything I was learning and observing of the world and the changes it is going through (and wow, are there changes…) and connect it with fashion so that when I start out in the real world, what I do is reflective of what I believe. I was already selfish enough to choose a career path that I fell in love with, so the rest of my life is an opportunity for me to be a little more selfless, in using what I have to do something for the world through fashion beyond creating excess waste. I am attracted to the idea of being a contrarian. I think fashion needs more contrarians; I think that we especially need contrarians with ideas worth spreading, not just contrarians with the cool factor and exuberant personalities. Speaking of ideas worth spreading, I heard that TED is coming to Vancouver this fall. Ted is not my boyfriend’s name. TED, if you don’t already know, is this. Really, truly. If that’s the case, I would love to go. I think they’re opening a call for speakers.

TedxVancouver: Click


Personal growth and my blog

May 26, 2009

Hi everyone! I’ve been away the past week or so because my laptop broke, and I need to get it fixed. This has given me time to think a little bit more about the direction of this blog, and I’ve decided to change the format a little bit due to changes that have happened that have allowed me to refocus the intent of this blog.

Changes to the Blog
Originally the intent of this blog was to showcase and document my 4th year collection. Now that 4th year is looming just a couple short months away, I want to refocus the blog to that original goal. There are things that I am passionate about, but I feel like I have lost the personal angle I want to convey from this blog. I felt as if I was forcing an identity through the facets of fashion I was interested in, rather than developing my identity through creative self exploration, which was what I had wanted.

I feel that the best way for me to learn and grow is to be creative while still maintaining my thirst for knowledge and research. This I think will be best done through fewer posts a week so that I can focus on my creative energy rather than editing and presentation for this blog. I will be working with 3 regular posts a week that deal with creative inspiration and innovation (Inspired!), theories and thoughts on topics about self, fashion, creativity, all from a personal angle (Piece of My Mind), and a visual recount of my week through my sketchbook and finished work (The Showcase), as well as posts documenting the progress and process of developing my 4th year collection (more about that in the next post).

Part of the Journey
This change in blogging came through as I started blogging, while not connecting with my intent and true self. What led me to this was a change in my actual life. The last week I was faced with feelings of self-doubt, sadness, and failure. I consider myself to be an optimistic person with a healthy outlook on life. I am excited and passionate about the future and my work. However, not placing as a finalist in a design contest last week was the trigger for me to doubt myself. Added to that, what I thought was my first freelance job turned out to be a bust. And I started to feel undervalued at my part-time job. All 3 events happened within a week, all as a result of me having certain expectations that fell short. Not only that, but events in my personal life coincided that made me feel like a failure.

It took a few days before this dark mood fully took control, but with some help, it became the catalyst for me to keep growing.

In fashion, we are particularly susceptible to feelings of failure, self doubt, and detachment, as with other creative fields. It is not always easy. But I accept that it is a part of the journey. I will not always place first, I will not always place at all, I will not always know I’m doing, and I will need to work my way up. Most of all, I had to finally deal with the fact that I cannot settle with the talent that I already have and just practice and get better at it – I have to really get down and gritty by pushing my boundaries and growing creatively.

This morning, I took a look at the 30 design contest finalists and realized what they had that I lacked. I took notes, and I felt a lot better about not making it in, because I did in fact settle with my design entry. I received great feedback from my boss about the work I have done for his business. I also booked my trip to London for September, after debating with myself back and forth for months about whether or not I should actually go. After learning my lesson, I realized that I look too much at possibility, and not enough at how to make those possibilities realities.

If my hard drive gets erased, I will be fine with it. My work will be cleansed and I get to start with a blank canvas and portfolio.

The life of a designer requires careful balance, in my opinion. For me, at least. Making blogging my central focus from the start hinders my ability to grow creatively, so I am taking a step back and refocusing to fewer posts, with more personal content. I’m sure there are people who are interested in the elusive world of a design student, from someone who actually cares enough to write about it. If not, then at least I have fun doing this and learning from it.

3/21: Introducing…Fashion 2.0 Columns

April 25, 2009

As promised, I’ve developed themes for my posts, a great suggestion from Danielle of Final Fashion. My aim is to post 5 times a week, in the order below. I think posting Monday-Friday may be pushing it a little for me, so whichever day doesn’t matter, as long as I get all 5 posts done. I spent a while thinking about the 3 pillars for what want to bring to fashion: imagination, analysis, and communication, and these 5 columns cover those well. Without further ado, they are:


Inspirational post showcasing coolness, aesthetic prowess, interesting design, and/or an inspirational thought, quote, or person. I wanted something fresh and new to start off the week, and this will force me to always keep my eyes out for inspiration and creativity going on in the world, mostly to do with fashion, but not limited to.

Discussion of discoveries I find of fashion intersecting with technology. This may sometimes become Fashion: Meet New Media, or Fashion: Meet the World of Business. We’ll see what strikes my fancy. I chose this to incorporate more of topics I am interested in learning about and finding connections with fashion.

This will be a post where I can theorize, analyze, daydream, or just to give a general update of what is going on in my life. I find this important because I still want to maintain a personal voice to my blog, after all, one of the reasons why I started to blog in the first place was to be able to see my personal growth. Expect to find a lot of musing in regards to my process for my grad collection here.

Image-heavy post sharing what projects I have been working on, as well as a place for me to share my growing skills in a visual way. This will keep me on top of developing my range and skill level in fashion, graphics, illustration, etc to help me fulfill one of my goals this summer and beyond. I’ll try my hardest to pump something out every week, and I expect most of it to be work-in-progress.

A weekly round-up of good reads and finds floating around on the internet on a plethora of topics I am interested in – fashion, entrepreneurship, new media, technology, arts, creativity, productivity, etc. Interesting stuff that I find worthy of sharing.


I also cleaned up my blog a little bit, changed the layout very slightly. I also cleaned up my Flickr account, edited my sets from 15 down to 4, and will try to integrate Flickr more into my blog (I realize that Fashion 2.0 is quite text-heavy.) So that’s it – my plan for this blog. I hope to be able to share more productively and effectively with this plan.

First link!

January 22, 2009

Thank you to Danielle for linking to my blog in this post.

This will be a good incentive for me to stop being lazy and to keep blogging! 🙂

2009, here we come

January 8, 2009


Part time job


These are the 3 areas in my life right now that affect my career direction and outcome. This year, I will work hard, reflect, and push the boundaries. I have the foundation to be able to do so for all three.

My other very important goal is to blog more. I have a habit of letting my blogs slip because I get busy, and then I seem to lose momentum, or I don’t know what to write about, etc. My focus will simply be to document my life as a transitioning fashion student. The goal of blogging is to reach people, and what I want to get across are the things that I am passionate about.

Expect to see 3 posts a week. One more personal in content, and the other two, topics of interest to me. Of course, I now have the time to do this because my hours at work got cut by 2/3 because of the darn economic crisis…