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Spring 2010 Trend Forecasting Seminar

September 10, 2009

I’ve never been to a forecasting seminar aside from Promostyl, so it’ll be cool to see what other forecasting companies are coming up with. If you’re from Vancouver and are a design student, check this out:



Clean-up and talk of TED in Vancouver

August 29, 2009

Hi all! Thanks for visiting my blog! Did’ya notice? I did a bit of cleaning up, re-naming the mess known as my categories. About time. I’m starting to take this thing known as blogging a little more seriously. I had lofty goals when I started. I wanted to change the fashion world with my blog, one post at a time. No, really, haha. That’s everyone’s dream when they start blogging, eh?

I wanted a way to take everything I was learning and observing of the world and the changes it is going through (and wow, are there changes…) and connect it with fashion so that when I start out in the real world, what I do is reflective of what I believe. I was already selfish enough to choose a career path that I fell in love with, so the rest of my life is an opportunity for me to be a little more selfless, in using what I have to do something for the world through fashion beyond creating excess waste. I am attracted to the idea of being a contrarian. I think fashion needs more contrarians; I think that we especially need contrarians with ideas worth spreading, not just contrarians with the cool factor and exuberant personalities. Speaking of ideas worth spreading, I heard that TED is coming to Vancouver this fall. Ted is not my boyfriend’s name. TED, if you don’t already know, is this. Really, truly. If that’s the case, I would love to go. I think they’re opening a call for speakers.

TedxVancouver: Click

Superheroes Curatorial Talk

December 22, 2008

I grew up on Barbies and Marvel. Sure, Barbie was pretty, but superheroes are so much cooler, and they represent two sides of the same coin – the social and political context of our times. The further I get into fashion, the more I see how fantasy interlinks with reality and culture, and that is all made possible with imagination. I’d love to study superhero costumes and make one myself one day. I will put it in a special room in my secret underground lair, which by the way, will be pretty, and nice, and warm, nothing like the batcave. (Hey, a girl can dream.)

A while ago, I found out about the Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibit at the MET. If only. It ran through to September 1, 2008, so I missed it. Not like I was heading out to New York anyway, though. The website is pretty interesting though.

I did find these videos on Youtube.

Hmm…phallic symbolism, the Hulk as a metaphor for male potency. Here I am, listening to this sipping my hot chocolate, typing as I go. Love the holidays.