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Valentine’s 2009 + thoughts

February 17, 2009

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Yes, this holiday is incredibly commercialized, but the sentiment of the holiday is always nice to appreciate. BF and I had dinner at Blue Canoe in Steveston. It was our first Valentine’s Day, and a lovely one. 🙂

The next day at work a girl came in so excited because her boyfriend had proposed to her the day before. She was so giddy. The waitress who work at the sushi restaurant next door also got married at 20 last Saturday.

I don’t know if this trend is true, but my boss commented that a lot of people seem to be getting married in 2009. Coincidentally, there has been talk of marriage everywhere I go. I’m not sure if its just that I’m getting older added to the fact that I work in a bridal shop that compounds this, or if marriage really is more imminent this year.

If so, my theory was that it has something to do with the economy. People re-evaluate, fantasize, and take a good hard look at where they are in life and who they are with. Christmas and Valentine’s are break-up periods because of this.

I always like to take a step back and do this regularly, regardless of my “economic” situation. Big-picture thinker, works in fashion as well. I notice and am wowed by the changes going on in our world everyday. If you’re into new-agey stuff, then consider it the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

Blogging has become such a phenomena. Weddingbee was started by a woman who started blogging about her own wedding planning adventures. (On a side note, I was intrigued by a recent post that gave me a niche market idea in fashion, which I will disclose later.) Media really is a free-for-all now. Wish Magazine out of Toronto just issued their last issue. I’d be curious to see the subscription rates of consumer magazines, because I can honestly see how the magazine industry could feel extremely threatened right now. One of the “hottest” jobs right now is social media marketer. Heck, everywhere people are “creating” their own jobs, most often using the internet as a platform to do so.

I know this hardly seems fashion-related, but my fascination with fashion lies way beneath the surface. I like to look for connections to the world, and if I can make something look pretty on top of that, then I’ve done good. I feel like I’m slightly muddling around these connections right now, but we’ll see where they lead to.