I ♥ You Click: June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009

I decided to change the format of my clickables column to focus more on delivering valuable content. This column will come less often but will feature what I view as content worth spreading. Because I don’t have a blogroll, I thought that this would be a great way to spotlight some of my favorite reads and clicks, both new and ones that I’ve followed for some time. Today’s edition has a common thread: creativity. Enjoy!


Angel Chang’s Diary:

Just recently outed on Bravo’s The Fashion Show, Angel Chang (you can read my first entry on her here) writes a blog that gives some insight into a designer and innovator with sharp business sense as well. She comes across as real, creative and passionate about her work.

Behance Magazine:

Part of the Behance network, which is focused on providing services and products to creatives of all industries to make ideas happen. I love the philosophy behind this company and their mandate in helping creative people succeed in the world.

Katherine Soucie blog at ECUAD:

Designer and entrepreneur of Sans Soucie, Katherine Soucie decided to pursue a formal education at Emily Carr University, where she focuses on exploring the intersection between textiles, print media, and digital technology. Even though Vancouver is not a hotbed for textile innovation, the programs at Emily Carr and SIAT of SFU both integrate the possibility of exploring wearable technology. Katherine’s work is inspiring as she aims to bring a further dimension to textiles and fashion, not falling into the trap of viewing textiles as a traditional craft discipline.

Carrie and Danielle:

With a mantra of “Simply, Beautify, and Prosper”, Carrie and Danielle is written by Carrie and Danielle, creative entrepreneurs of Style Statement, who provide tips and articles on authentic living to appeal to creatives and professionals. (EDIT: After revisiting, I noticed that there has been no new content since February. Hmmm…)


And if you are in the Vancouver area, this seems interesting. CreativeMix, taking place October 22, 2009, is Vancouver’s Ideation Conference. Sarah Bancroft, editor of Vitamin Daily and former Western Editor of FASHION Magazine, is fashion’s representative speaker at the event. There will be 11 other creative minds spreading their ideas at the event. Due to my upcoming fall schedule, I probably won’t have the opportunity to attend. I hope they release the talks online, like TED.


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