Inspired!: Creating happiness

May 11, 2009


Inspired! is my start to the week: a piece of advice, aesthetic inspiration in art and fashion, or just something that makes me want to get up and do the week right. Today’s edition looks at inspiration in leading a happy life.

For those of you who haven’t yet been on TED, check it out. It is a media communication platform that first came out of a set of conferences on Technology, Entertainment, Design (though the talks range far beyond that). We used it as a resource in my first Creativity and Innovation class this semester, and it was first introduced to me in a design class about a year ago. As I was browsing recently, one talk really stood out to me as it brought up issues that are both interesting and inspiring.

The gist of it:
Being stuck with one choice creates happiness. Hmm, seeing as how I stuck with my choice of going to design school and I am immensely happy with my decision, I’d say that theory rings true. This is inspiring me to make lifestyle choices and to stick by them, rather than worry about what I would be missing out on.

What else?
The view that human misdeeds come as the result of overhyped view one has of the difference between one situation’s ability to bring happiness and another’s. Agreed.

One more thing…
How I was able to bring this back to fashion: this manufactured sense of want for material things in the hopes that they bring happiness moreso than not having these things is what makes the economy go ’round and ’round. It all comes back to sustaining what we have created out of ourselves.

Watch it, Dan Gilbert makes a good case. Examine why you strive for the things you strive for, so that you have the awareness to be able to go beyond that in creating and designing an authentic life.

I was also inspired by his ability to grip an audience. I wonder if I could do that someday. What would I have to talk about?


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