Fashion: Meet Technology / Milk dresses

May 5, 2009


Fashion: Meet Technology is my weekly post presenting finds and discussions of fashion meeting with technology. Yesterday’s post about haute tech fashion designer Angel Chang is an example of using technology to create fashion, and creating fashion to make sense for a life that interacts with technology on a daily basis. I thought today would be a great opportunity for me to showcase work in the field of photography, combining the glamour of fashion with the tools of technology.

While browsing Trendhunter, one of favorite clicks for inspiration and eye candy, I came across these milk dresses photographed by Russian photographer Andrey Razumovsky and digitally manipulated. The effect is provocative, beautiful, interesting, and humorous, a combo not easy to find. I like it.

At my part time job, I digitally enhance bridal photography (going beyond nothing more than enhancing colour, lighting, correcting skin tone and erasing imperfections) but I am learning more and more about Photoshop and its capabilities, and in the field of fashion photography, where often the aim is to capture a mood that inspires and creates buzz and controversy, the tools we have available today really help with that. There’s a fine line between enhancement and pure illusion, although in this case, that line is pretty clear. As my boss likes to say, it’s like magic. 😉


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