Earth Day Musings

April 23, 2009

We’ve all heard of the 100-mile diet. (I have this weird thing I do – basically for everything going on in the world, I like to find a connection to fashion, because well, usually they are staring at me right in the face.) We had mass globalization happen. And then we have the eco-movement, which has spawned all sorts of initiatives to make processes and activities more green, including the 100-mile diet (food), hybrid cars (transportation), eco-friendly homes and materials (shelter), and of course, the growing prominence of local designers as being trendy (fashion). Four of the necessities in life (maybe I should’ve used “clothing” instead of “fashion) are all experiencing change as a result of the eco-movement, but one thing I have been thinking about is creative services and whether they will be affected.

This is of particular interest to me as I figure out where I want to live and work, whether to stay in Vancouver or not, in a year when I graduate. Because of the increasingly connected nature of the world, people who require services can now get these services from anyone living anywhere. It is hardly a requirement to be located in the same vicinity, although I’m sure there are benefits (. This means that “talent” can manifest itself in companies everywhere, not necessarily in the fashion capitals of the world. And, “talent” does not necessarily have to go to these fashion capitals to be successful or to make a living. Does this mean a major shift in the fashion industry? In 20 years, will we still even have fashion capitals, or will it be a fashion free-for-all?  

This weights heavily on my career and life decisions, as I, like most people, seek the best opportunities for what I do. Then again, it is not just about job opportunity, but also travel and experience, being able to see how the fashion industry works in different cities. So maybe its not that hard a decision.

P.S. Hope you all had a good earth day!


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