Goals for 4th year

April 18, 2009

Goal setting is a tool I use that is really helpful in allowing me to see the pathway from where I am to where I will be, and to achieve that sense of accomplishment from reaching a goal. With this productivity movement, it seems that people are setting goals more than ever. I think creatives should make use of goal-setting to be the logical side of all their airy-fairy fantasies. It’s my experiment in mixing right brain and left brain tendencies to make the optimum use of my time and efforts. It definitely works in bringing clarity to an otherwise cluttered mind.

Before I even finalize the niche market I will be working on, I want to get down some goals of what I would like to achieve in 2 respects: 4th year in general and with my final collection.

Goals for 4th year:
– not go into debt
– in fact, I’m going to push it here: save enough money to ______
– blog more regularly
– have my online portfolio finished and ready to view by January 2010
– be happy with my education and where it has brought me
– be ready to start the next phase of my life with excitement and passion
– not look like a regular college student anymore
– become more knowledgeable and skilled in my areas of interest and expertise

Goals for final collection:
– incorporate my strength in graphics somehow
– showcase my point of view as a designer
– wearable, meaning could translate readily into production and sales
– unlike any other previous Kwantlen collection
– incorporate some form of collaboration
– forward moving, not inspired by the past
– push my own design boundaries
– make the people in my life around me proud of what I have created

Although, I think I need to clarify these a little later on, perhaps come back to them in September?

Speaking of goals, my short term goal for the end of this month is to finish and hand in my internship journal, as well as get to submitting my designs for several contests I am entering. I haven’t really entered something wholeheartedly and not won or been a finalist, and I have for some time floundered in self-doubt at where my skills are. I realized there is no better time than now to start putting my work out there, because with each time, my work will get better (unless I am somehow doing it all wrong).


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