School has ended, now what?

April 14, 2009

I’ve been interested in wearable technology for a little over a year now, and have always relied on internet articles for information. Slowly, I am seeing more options for research and resources within Vancouver.

Emily Carr University of Art and Design has a wearable and interactive products studio within their industrial design department. I guess industrial design would be something I would be interested in, except that I certainly was not educated on what exactly industrial design was when I was trying to make a decision about post-secondary education options. Fashion design, of course, was a pretty straightforward choice.

Because I believe in collaboration, I wonder if this could become a possibility for my grad collection.

I have this week off because my internship supervisor is in Mexico for the week. I decided to use this time to do a complete rehaul of my studio space to work more creatively and productively.

A suggestion by a 4th year graduating student: “Do something you normally wouldn’t do this summer.” My plans already include pumping up my creativity and skill level this summer, something I have previously planned on but never got around to. I would also definitely like to go on a trip, but again, 4th year is expensive, and I am trying very hard to get my personal finances in tip top shape before I graduate. It was also suggested that I incorporate my graphic design skills into a career in fashion, but that just opens a whole other set of doors, not to say that it isn’t a very interesting prospect.

Why oh why are there so many possibilities?


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