Jason Matlo Bridal, Panty by Post

February 3, 2009

Canadian designer Jason Matlo has just launched a 10 dress collection of bridal gowns. It seems that the decision to do this was to give Vancouver high fashion, and the only way to make money off that concept is to do it with something that people are willing to pay more for in the first place, wedding gowns.

Also on my watch list, Panty by Post. They are a business that well, delivers panties by post. Exclusively offered are Blush Lingerie panties based in Montreal.

Hmm…despite the economic recession, new companies are still popping up, and these two represent a sector that is all about luxury. I’ve been reading articles that say despite recession, people still gravitate towards luxury. In fact, because of it, people desire it more, and that’s why these companies are launching at this time.


What a strange coincidence that I have found myself working in both these industries…anyway, my position at work has definitely changed. I am now half sales consultant, half photo editor/web designer. Finally, I can do something I actually am good at, though working in actual sales was a definite eye-opener.


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