Feng Shui and Opportunity

January 25, 2009

Its Chinese New Year’s Eve today, so my mom decided to ransack my room to give it a new year’s feng shui touch… which means everything is all over the place and I have to spend the rest of today purging, sorting, and organizing my room, including my wardrobe. It definitely looks like I’ll have to donate a lot, because my 2 closets and one generously sized wardrobe won’t cut it. Actually, I’ve known that for a while.

In work news, I’m getting my Sunday shift back to be the web designer for the store. Apparently, everyone I tell this to says that I should be asking for a raise. But when you’re young and starting out, I want to take every opportunity I can get. I mean, I’m not even trained in web design. They’re putting their trust in me, and I’m probably getting more out of this than they are.

At this point in my life, I don’t need money as much as I need opportunity. I’ll worry about money when I have to live on my own.


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