thinking about the future

January 15, 2009

When I was in grade 12 trying to picture the kind of life I wanted, that led me to make the decision to enter fashion school, an idea that seemed far-fetched to most. Now, 3 years into fashion school, and instead of me finding my way as a fashion student, each impending day is a muddled pathway to me finding my way out of being a fashion student and into the real world.

Actually, my life is turning out a little more “glamourous” than I thought it would be. I work and intern in the bridal and lingerie industries, respectively. I am the type of person who sets goals and shapes my life towards those goals. In fact, I’m living the dream I had when I was 7.

But, at this point, I feel that this dream needs a little more refining, some tight editing, in order to make its place in my life. There’s too much to do, and I would be happy doing any of it! The question I have to ask is perhaps one that asks something less selfish of me – what can I do for the world that makes use of what I have and who I am?

What I do know is that the world doesn’t need more clothes, maybe better clothes, but not more. I know that technology is important. I know that the economy is fragile (although who knows what’ll happen in 2010?). I know that I love to bring opposites together, including concepts. I know I believe in holistic design.

Over time, you may see pieces of my thought process for my 4th year collection start to materialize on this blog.


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