Another goal

January 8, 2009

As an addition to my last post, I’ll also try to bring in a global perspective to fashion, while keeping an eye on Vancouver’s fashion industry, as well as the Canadian fashion front at large.

Even though I myself don’t know where I will be in 1.5 years (geographically), it may only be because there is not enough support within our local industry to allow me to explore and pursue a career in fashion here. But if talent and skilled workers were more evenly spread out through the geographically concentrated areas in the world, then we would all have thriving fashion industries. Then again, I guess it already is as spread out as it can be considering that Vancouver’s population isn’t really that big when compared to other major cities. Its not that I necessarily have to work in a big city, its just that I feel like I may not get the chance to explore the many great opportunities out there if I stay here. But I do love Vancouver.

This is a topic I would like to explore more through research, analysis, and blogging. In a couple years, I may look back on what I write and think differently. I may go exactly where I thought I would, or not. Who knows. I may look back and think “wow, I can’t believe I was ever afraid of moving out and going at it on my own, in _____ no less!” Or perhaps it’ll be a “wow, I can’t believe I ever thought I needed to move to get where I want to go – I can do it right here!”


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