December 22, 2008

This guy made a robot girlfriend. I shudder at the thought that one day, this will become the norm and there will be such a thing as robot prejudice. But then again, people 1000 years ago probably would’ve shuddered at the thought of face transplants and creating artificial body parts. Or maybe not. Time seems to make anything the norm. That makes me shudder.

post-1015652-1224373053This reminds me of the Japanese movie, Cyborg Girl. That guy probably watched this movie.

Actually this reminds me of a lot of movies.

This is where it gets hard to draw the line between ethics and perceived ethics. It really makes my head hurt just trying to think about it. Is there even a truth out there? (Mulder, help me out.) Tuesdays with Morrie claims that love always wins. I believe that because love has always existed (I think), but is it the only concrete truth in this world?

I’m not a philosopher, just a simple fashion student. I’m going to stop thinking about this now, and go on drawing pretty pictures.


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