December 8, 2008

Just finished another semester of school! The future looms closer. I start my internship next month with a lingerie company in Vancouver.

My job is going great. I’ve started to do some photo editing and promotional graphics for them. I also realized that I’m a fashion student working at a bridal shop, interning at a lingerie company. Could that sound any more girly? This is where I bring in another angle to aesthetics and beauty, and try to figure out in a more concrete way what my vision is.

Now that I have a bit of free time, its time to get my creative juices flowing. And my mind going. This past semester included classes with names like Pattern Grading  & CAD and Volume Production. I am much more fascinated by product and concept rather than process, so this semester was pretty blah to me. I got one step closer to my vision through Textile Design class, where I got to research and present a project on fashion and technology. This break I do have a few things I want to get around to:

– relax, hang out, chill
– some design work: I haven’t really designed anything in a while. I want to see what I can come up with, maybe as a portfolio addition, maybe to substitute something else? My internship portfolio only included a scant 4 projects, and I want to get a head start on my 4th year portfolio to consciously reflect who I am as a designer.
– practice digital illustration (creative and floats): I have a feeling that with a little more practice, I’ll maybe develop an affinity for this.
– clean out my closet
– contact internship supervisor to get dates and schedule set up

I’ve been looking for some continuing education courses to take in the local vicinity (I’ve also been looking at summer courses at CSM and Parson’s). There isn’t much. A lot of it are introductory classes. The rest come as part of a package deal. I don’t have the time or money for that right now. But they are alluring.

Finding internship placements for this year’s third years was apparently a bit of a struggle. Probably some of that has to do with the economic situation we are in right now. It has been suggested that this economic downturn is simply an over-hyped myth of the media, and that its not really that bad. I think I would have to disagree, unless all these businesses are buying into this so-called myth with no hard facts or figures.

I’m interested to see how this will all play out and potentially affect my career path when I graduate in 2010. I’m also interested in seeing how the Olympics will affect and be affected by this, and if there will be a change in Vancouver’s fashion industry.

Until then, I’m trying to make the transition from student to professional as easy and painless as I can. My goal is to be able to hit the ground running after taking a trip after grad. Luckily, I still live at home and don’t need to pay rent. Speaking of which, my coworker is urging me to take advantage of this living with the ‘rents situation as long as I can. I would like a taste of freedom and independence though.

And thus continues the life of this particular fashion design student.


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