an introduction

October 8, 2008

Welcome. I’m Annching Wang, and this is my blog. I plan on using this as a platform to communicate with you about fashion and my life as an aspiring fashion professional. I’m currently in my 3rd year in a fashion design degree program in Vancouver. I go to school full time and work 3 days a week at a bridal shop.

My passions include technology, good design, writing, reading, sustainability, beauty, simplicity, branding and marketing, and illustration. I have an idea of what I would not enjoy doing in the fashion industry, so I am working my way towards a path that I would enjoy.

Right now I’m throwing around ideas for my 4th year collection, one that pertains to the criteria (niche market) and to my own aesthetic and philosophy. It may be the last time in a long while that I will be able to design and produce a collection from start to finish, so I have to make it good. That’ll take up much of the focus of this blog next year, but until then, I will write about whatever I am passionate about and feel the need to communicate to all you folk out there. Enjoy.

-Annching Wang


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